BTC Piggy Bank – An Idea For Those Who Believe in Bitcoin Long Term

I probably haven’t mentioned it publicly, but in December 2015, I became the most recent member of The Daddy Club™. Got a sweet, little, healthy daughter which changed my life in so many (positive) ways.
Those of you who are already members of said club might know that after birth, 1.) you suddenly become unappealing for anyone who visits you or gets to see you when the baby is with you and 2.) any possible presents and assiduities from friends and relatives go directly to the baby – which is part of the consequence of you becoming unappealing.

So, the baby was there and we got good wishes, congratulations etc from all people around us – and a bit of money here and there, so we can “buy something we need for the baby”. But as we already had most of what we needed, I thought that I could either use that money to buy myself a new notebook (hey, I’m just kidding; I wouldn’t do that!) or invest that money. So I decided to use any money we got from friends and relatives for our baby to directly buy Bitcoins and put it into a wallet, securely stored on a Ledger Nano hardware wallet.

As I really do believe in Bitcoin long term, I thought this would be a good idea. I told my wife (whom I also managed to convince of better forms of money than Euro-Tokens) about it, and she was okay with it, too. Since last December, the value of that wallet already grew quite a bit, because of Bitcoin’s rise in price.
My main objective is to continue collecting BTC that way (recently, I even started putting BTC I got from referrals such as SimpleFX into that wallet), and when she’s 18 years old, I will hand over the private keys to her.

So, let’s see what happens. Still some time left to get there (she’s close to 9 months, now). Either, she will be very happy about my wise decision last year, or she’ll be mad at me for wasting all her money on some magic internet money Ponzi nonsense. Needless to say, I’m convinced it won’t be the latter. 🙂

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