The Art of Shilling – Earn 1000 USD And More of Passive Income on Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Related Trading Sites

Referral money from 2016-09-13 to 10-08

Referral money from 2016-09-13 to 10-08 (

Shilling referral links… something which has been around the internet since ages. In earlier days, it was for random browser games, only giving progress in the game as incentive to spread those links. Cryptocurrencies and trading of these has pushed the affiliate business onto a whole new level: not only gives spreading reflinks financial incentive for the link’s owner – on most platforms, you’ll earn on each trade the referred persons make (either by spread or by trading fees), but most modern platforms also give incentive for users to actually use referral links, because you’ll get rewarded with lower spreads or fees than you’d get if you registered without using a referral link.
In this post, I’ll explain some methods to spread your reflinks successfully, so your Bitcoin wallet will hopefully soon gain weight similar to mine. I’ll go into details of what methods worked for me and which didn’t (so you don’t have to find that out for yourself), and I will give you some helpful information about how you can also start earning 4 digit amounts of USD in a month, or maybe even more.

Account registration

First, setup an account on SimpleFX. This is a trading site which offers trading with insanely high leverage. They have a broad selection of markets, such as:

  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, BFX Tokens, …)
  • lots of Forex markets (no point in listing them all, as it’s really a lot)
  • Cash Indices
  • Commodities
  • Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum)
  • Equities (US and JP ones)

Note: if you decide to trade there, you should really bring some profound experience with you, because they’re initially offering 500x leverage, which is – I cannot stress it enough – insanely high. Please make sure to keep your positions small enough to not screw your whole account on a small move of the market against you. If you play small position sizes, you can handle 500x easily.

When you created your SimpleFX account, grab your referral link in the affiliates panel (use the dropdown in the top navigation bar -> Affiliates -> Affiliate panel -> click on the Affiliate marketing tools -> show tools button to get there) and copy it.

Affiliate / ref link basics

Referral money from September 2016

That’s my referral money from September 2016.

Spreading your affiliate links is a special piece of work which requires some sensitiveness from your side. Really, keep that following sentence in mind (I don’t care if you print it out and stick it on your fridge / above your monitor or if you pray it like a mantra, but keep that in your novice shilling mind!!!):

Don’t be annoying to others!

Just don’t. If you start working the common platforms too much, you’ll get banned and people will start ignoring you. Nobody likes annoying shills, and the harder you try, the smaller your chances for success will be.
The trick is to be penetrative while not being annoying at the same time. Yes, that’s indeed possible, but it requires some time. Shilling is actual work, and be prepared that people will do anything to not click your link – at least, it will feel that way every now and then. I don’t know if that’s caused by any kind of resentment or whatever prevents users from not using referral links to get better rates/commissions when they’re trading, but I guess you’ll just accept that as a given.

Spreading your affiliate links

I’ll give you a couple of methods which worked fine for me, so far. You can even boost your chances of success if you have some 10-15$ per year to spend, and there are some things to consider when deciding how to spread your link, but more on that in detail:

Rent a domain

Do it. Go to GoDaddy, NameCheap or whatever your favorite domain / hosting company is and rent a domain which you can later set to forward to your referral link. There is absolutely no need to buy a hosting package; the domain alone is completely sufficient, as its only purpose will be said forwarding.
When that is done, it usually takes anything between a couple of minutes up to max. a day until you’ll get notified that your domain is ready to use. When that has happened, log in to your account on GoDaddy / NameCheap or whereever you grabbed that domain and set up the forwarding.

Some things to consider: what kind of domains are good?

Understand this list as rated from best (number 1) to worst

  1. domains where you swap an l for an i or vice versa.
    For example vs. or SIMPLEFX.COM vs SlMPLEFX.COM (this looks way better in a font without serifs; in Arial, you just cannot tell the difference)
  2. other high quality top level domains: if you’re trying to shill a link for, you can also try to grab, or others which imply business (not .org domains), or other use cases (.mobi for mobile devices)
  3. lower quality top level domains: things like or also work okay
  4. domains with letters which look similar: when you leave somewhere in a wall of text, it’s likely that nobody might notice the difference (did you? 😉 ) – but be careful, as this looks scammy to people (such domains look like they’re spreading malware), so you might wanna reconsider that

Discreetly shilling your referral links

What you don’t wanna do is running to the next trollbox which crosses your mind and rage spamming your ref link 20 times in a row. This will get you banned (and the messages deleted) instantly. Trollboxes are indeed not the best option for trolling, because no exchange tolerates others redirecting their users away from their service – rightfully, so.
What you want to do instead is spottting opportunities to spread your ref link. Others in a chatroom are talking about trading, exchanges, markets? Awesome! Tell them about your experience on 😉, happily announce that the pairs they’re talking about can be traded there, or tell them about the great user interface, the MetaTrader4-support they offer or whatever you think is worth mentioning. If you’re shilling other services, make sure that they’re worth being shilled. You don’t want to force others into using something, you want to give helpful recommendations.
Partake in communications, be a valuable member of the community, get others to know you and appreciate your appearance. Do some finetuning on your skills, learn to recognize when you can drop a ref link safely without being annoying and when you better don’t.

Platforms you can use for spreading

  • Twitter: good place to drop your links, but of course, you’ll need followers for anybody to notice. Tweet some interesting stuff and don’t forget to drop hashtags, because that’s what people are searching for. Tweets like “I have just made 0.5 #bitcoin on an $ETCBTC short on” get noticed, and if you even get a couple of users to retweet that, you can even increase exposure of your link.
  • Reddit: go to the common, cryptocurrency related subreddits. Become part of the community, engage in discussions about the topics there and drop your link every now and then – whenever it fits.
  • here, you need to be a bit careful. Moderators and admins don’t tolerate threads or posts which only serve the purpose of shilling your reflink. And that’s okay, because otherwise, the board would be 99% reflink posts and 1% complaints from users who were hoping to find some real information there. So, use it with caution and only when appropriate. By the way, this is a platform where a bought domain comes in really handy, because it’s not directly obvious that it’s a referral link.
    You might wanna consider putting your reflink into your signature, and wrap some text around it which gets users who read your signature interested. My current favorite is a link to a screenshot of the wallet I’m sending the profits to (it’s good when people get some “proof of income”), combined with a link to this very blogpost and a text like “Want passive income, too? Follow this guide!”.
  • Blogging: start your own blog (if you don’t have one, already) and post current useful stuff. Think about what might get users interested, blog about what’s going on in the realms of cryptocurrency and do trading tutorials. Use good keywords in your posts (think about what you would search Google for – yes, Google; the other search engines are close to irrelevant – and use those keywords) and also, promote your blog posts, so they get read. Best places to do so are the common Skype-/Telegram chatrooms about trading, cryptocurrency and such, or Twitter, IRC and whatever comes to your mind. Remember to blog about actual content. You don’t want to only use your blog for shilling purposes.

Follow these steps. Do it. The beginning might be a bit hard, but once the referral signups get going, you’ll get rewarded for your work. Those who think that shilling is “drop a link and gain thousands of Dollars instantly” are wrong; it actually is work. Work you’re doing in advance in hope of a payment, but if you follow these steps and have some time and if you’re committed, I’m certain that your chances for success are good.

Any ideas, comments, additions? Do you make money with affiliate links? Leave me a comment!

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