Preparing for the Next Shitcoin Season

Cryptocurrency markets move in cycles. Everyone knows that, but only few take proper advantage of it. People get caught by what appears to be general market sentiment, but in fact, those sentiments are carefully created by those who manipulate the markets to make people do what they want them to (a.k.a. what benefits them – the manipulators – the most).

A perfect example was right before Ethereum price started going nuts: trading volume was low, memes about Vitalik Buterin started appearing and ETH was referred to as dETH, indicating it’s all but worth buying. Needless to say that, retrospectively, that was the perfect time to buy. But with all the seemingly negative sentiment, people did the opposite and sold – right into the strong hands of the manipulators and those who know how to play the markets – just to find out they sold the very bottom.

While I did make some nice gains during the past season, my main focus was to wait and see, and learn how all this works, so I can make use of it once we get to the next shitcoin season. I’ve built up a bag of Bitcoin, and my plan was to just keep and not lose them until the point I would need them to start buying in for the next shitcoin season.

With the incredible magnitude of the last season, I’m confident that we still have some time to prepare for the next one, but as Bitcoin is rushing from one ATH to the next, I’m already starting to buy coins on every major dip we get. If everything goes well, I’ll end up with decently sized bags of carefully selected shitcoins, and all I’ll have to do is wait for them to take off. Rest assured, it will happen.

It. Will. Happen.

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