4.58 ETH / ~950 USD

Trading Challenge Starts with Dragon Token

As the image shows, I have just made a small withdrawal from Bitfinex. This will be my initial trading account.

I transferred the ETH to dragonex.io to buy DT, their exchange token, at ~5.47 USD, which nets me a bit more than 175 DT.

Reason is that DT is currently in an uptrend which, in my opinion, is unlikely to stop anytime soon. Also, DragonExchange has a compelling dividends program which gives you 0.003 USD per day per DT owned.

With DT holdings of ~175, this should give me an additional 50 Cents per day. Not insanely much, but as I’m expecting DT to go up anyway, it’s a good option to have.

Target for this trade is anything between 7 and 12 USD, depending on where the expected parabolic curve ends.

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